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Huge Ball of Yarn

I bought a large bag of yellow yarn at the thrift store. Then I wound it into one giant ball of yarn that was bigger than my head!

Handmade Yarn

Homespun yarn from Janet. I needed to wind it from a hank into a ball. It’s huge. 🙂

Yarn from Hawaii

I received a gift of sea-green yarn from Hawaii, from Andie today. Thank you!

No Metallic Thread Against Skin

I have this lovely mohair yarn with a metallic thread in it, and I paired it with a chenille yarn and blithely made a simple scarf with it. I have no idea why it didn’t occur to me until I was two-thirds of the way done with it, that metallic thread against the skin would be akin to a torture device, and neither I nor anyone I know would ever wear such a thing for more than 2 minutes, and never again after that. (The scarf got pulled out.)

The Lesson: Never use metallic threaded yarn for anything meant to be worn against the skin.