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Net Cat Toys

20170304-Crochet Cat Toys

Simple net crochet tube, to cover a toilet paper tube. Draw strings on the ends. If it’s too short it pulls off the tube too easily.

Cat Toy – Octopus on a String

I made a simple octopus toy for my cat a couple years ago, gave it a spritz of liquid catnip and he loved it to pieces. This time I added fun-fur, because he’s shown a love for other fuzzy toys. And I added a long string with a loop on the end to allow me to play with him. I put that loop over a finger, or slip the string thru it to put it around my wrist (the way I did with balloon strings as a kid). Then I can dangle, throw, and tug the toy.

This is a great thing to do with scraps of yarn no longer long enough for a dish rag or other things. [Disclaimer: If you are worried about your cat eating the yarn of the toy, you might want to first research whether certain types of materials are safe for that. My cat doesn’t have this problem, so I haven’t done that myself. You have to take responsibility for that yourself.]
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Octopus Cat Toy

This was my first octopus cat toy. Simple. Made with kitchen cotton.