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Remade Stripy Socks

Mom got these from me originally for Xmas 2009. They were a couple inches too long in the foot. So I remade them, finished them today and got them back to her. Yay!

Black & Gold Striped Slipper Socks

black and gold slipper sock black and gold slipper socks

I should have gotten a quarter into one of these shots. These slipper-socks are huge. I made them for Michael, whose feet are 10.25″ long, and because they’re a thick slipper I make them extra long and wide. I little duck footed to go over other socks and also to hold an extra pocket of warm air around the foot. I may have over done it a bit here. He likes them, but is a little worried about tripping over them. We may try a little dryer shrinking to see if we can condense it a little.

Yarn: Black is a regular DK wool, 2 strands together. And then on some rows a variegated gold and bronze (“Safari”) Moonlight Mohair is added as well. Hook used was “K” (6.5 mm).