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Remade Stripy Socks

Mom got these from me originally for Xmas 2009. They were a couple inches too long in the foot. So I remade them, finished them today and got them back to her. Yay!

Black & Gold Striped Slipper Socks

black and gold slipper sock black and gold slipper socks

I should have gotten a quarter into one of these shots. These slipper-socks are huge. I made them for Michael, whose feet are 10.25″ long, and because they’re a thick slipper I make them extra long and wide. I little duck footed to go over other socks and also to hold an extra pocket of warm air around the foot. I may have over done it a bit here. He likes them, but is a little worried about tripping over them. We may try a little dryer shrinking to see if we can condense it a little.

Yarn: Black is a regular DK wool, 2 strands together. And then on some rows a variegated gold and bronze (“Safari”) Moonlight Mohair is added as well. Hook used was “K” (6.5 mm).

More Stripy Socks

purple and black striped socks purple and black stripey socks 2 periwinkle and black socks

Here are the socks I made for Mom and Donna for Xmas. The plum/purple were for Mom, and the Periwinkle/blue for Donna. The colored yarns are “Shine Sport” from Knit Picks (60% Pima cotton, 40% Modal – 110 yards, 50 grams per skein – colors “Serenade” and “Hydrangea”). The black yarn is a very thin alpaca that I got on eBay. (The black yarn is thinner than the colored ones.)

The toe, heel, and cuff on each sock is done with the two threads together, and the rest is done in a spiraling stripe of the two yarns. The only thing I have trouble with still with socks is stopping the heel work before it gets too pointy.

Seussian Slipper Socks

20090428 - finished Seussian Slipper Socks When I was 17 my mom made crocheted bunny slippers for me. I love them, and they are starting to be a bit warn thru like any sock will after long use. I’ve gone thru many boxes of pattern books with her recently and we couldn’t find the pattern for the slippers anywhere. And I’ve never made any crochet socks at all, so I started searching for some basic sock patterns. WIth that bit of research, and some bulky alpaca-blend yarn that I thought would be nice for slippers (only one skein, from the sale bin. I weighed it and split it into two balls. One for each sock.), I started cobbling together a pattern. Here’s the result.

Yarn: 1 skein of chunky alpaca blend (dusty grey-blue), and 2 skeins of regular Lion Wool (black) (which will be worked two strands together to match the bulk of the chunky yarn).
Hook: H/8/5.00 mm
Note: This is worked in a spiral, do NOT sl st the end of a row to the beg. Use a st marked hooked into the first st of ea row as you go to help keep track.



Start: (Color A) ch 2
Round 1: 4 sc in second ch from hook
Round 2: 2 sc in ea st around (8 sc)
Round 3: [2 sc in next st, 1 sc in next st] 4xs (12 sc)
Round 4: [2 sc in next st, 1 sc in each of the next 2 sts] 4xs (16 sc) Read More »

Red & Black Spiral Striped Socks

spiral striped socksThis was my second pair of striped socks. I flattened the toe a bit, and came up with an interesting way to spiral the stripes so that there is no seam. I made these for Mike.

Yarn: Red wool-ease (2 strand), Black wool (1 strand) [This 2:1 ratio is why the red is more prominent in these socks.]
Hook: H/8/5.0 mm
Measurements: I would call this a medium sized slipper sock. The length of the sock heel to toe is about 11 inches. Around the foot (rows 7-25) also measures about 11 inches. Member that these are intended to be worn over regular socks, for extra warmth, more of a slipper you wear around the house.

Here are photos of (1) the toe of the sock, and (2) the diagram from my notebook, which may help, when combined with the text instructions, which are much more difficult to follow alone, imo.

toe of spiral spiral diagram

Start at Toe

Row 1: Starts at toe. With Main Color (MC) ch 5, 2 sc in 2nd ch from hook, [1 sc in next st] twice, 2 sc in last ch. Put a stitch marker in the loose loop so that it won’t pull out, and switch to your Contrast Color (CC), you will work 2 sc in the other side of the same ch you just made 2 MC sts in, [1 sc in next st] twice, 2 sc in next (last) ch… Read More »