Welcome! This is my crochet site. It's mostly for my own reference, but if others find it interesting and useful that's good too. ~Snow



Fan-Chevron Scarf

This is a pretty simple scarf based on a fan stitch, and deciding how many repetitions you want, ie how long is it. I was using the left over yarn from another project, from a “Cookies & Cream” skein of a Caron Big Cake, which is a self-striping yarn. I like it.

20180121 - Fan St Scarf 1 20180121 - Fan St Scarf 2

Pink & Brown Cowl for Janet

A few months ago Janet gave me a gift of a few hanks of hand-spun yarn made by her. It’s all lovely yarn, and I decided to thank her by making this cowl. The design for the cowl is entirely my creation, based on simple mobius scarves I designed a few years ago, and incorporating a new stitch pattern from the book: 220 More Crochet Stitches: Volume 7 (The Harmony Guides).


Mike and I worked together to make this hooded octopus scarf for Andie. Mike’s mom, Judy, helped make one of the tentacles as well, actually. Great group effort! [More Photos Here]

Mobius Scarves

I can’t recall where I got the idea for this, but it was simple to figure out how to backwards engineer the mobius effect. Made with a large hook and chunky yarn, or double strands of regular yarn. Wool or acrylic. Add something soft and fuzzy on the last row.

Unisex Mobius Scarf

I came up with a new idea that I really like. I call it a Mobius Scarf. It can be worn by men or women, any age group, it’s soft and warm, and not so bulky as a regular scarf, it can be kept in your coat pocket, ready for when you need it.