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Amethyst & Rose Quartz Necklace/Bracelet

I made this awesome piece of no-metal jewelry for my mom, who’s allergic to nickel, and who loves amethyst and rose quartz.

White Beaded Jewelry

So, this is just a peak at what I’m working on now. Not really ready to explain it fully. I’ll tell you it’s a sort of jewelry, and make you wait for the full story.

not telling yet

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Spring Bracelet No. 3

This one was made as a birthday present for one of my aunt’s. I considered these colors more Summer than Spring. It was a nice change from the pastels.

Spring Bracelet No. 2

This one I made for my Momma, for Mother’s Day:

Spring Bracelet

Inspired by the desire to send my Grandmother a present for her 80th birthday which is coming up in just a few days.

Thread: No. 10 crochet thread in ecru, green, pink, lavender, and purple.

Steel hook size 5

Start with ecru thread: Ch 55
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