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Hotpad Cover

This is a half done project. Houndstooth pattern in tapestry crochet. The first round is the hardest because there are no increases. It’s a straight envelope. Once you get 2 or 3 rows done it gets easier. Make sure you try a swatch for size against the hotpad you want to cover.

Once you have enough rows to fully cover your hotpad, on the last row create a couple loops 1/3rd the length from either end, and sew a couple buttons on the opposite side.

Grannies Hotpad Cover

Wedding Ring Pillow

This is a mock up of the ring pillow. I crocheted the cover (with Swarovski crystal beads) and after this point I mailed it with the fabric to Audrey, because she offered to make the pillow and I was going crazy with other things. She did a fantastic job of it.

Remade Stripy Socks

Mom got these from me originally for Xmas 2009. They were a couple inches too long in the foot. So I remade them, finished them today and got them back to her. Yay!

Black Lacy Purse Cover & Handle

I got this cute little square black purse, but it was on the boring side and it had no handle. It has a loop on the back for putting it on a belt, but that’s a bit too dorky for me. So I found this stitch in one of my books and bent it to my will. I created a rectangle to cover the purse front-bottom-back and front flap. Then Started a strip to stitch one side together, create the handle and then stitch the other side together. Then I took black sewing thread and anchored the cover to the purse around the edges. I think it may still need a button on the front, but maybe not. We’ll see.


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