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Blue Phone Purse for Grandma

Last November I made one of these in pink for my mom. I’ll add those photos and at least a loose pattern soon. I’m trying to catch up on a long backlog here. I’m lousy at posting these things as I go. It’s much easier to just move to the next project.

See all six photos in Flickr set.

This is my own original design. It’s meant to carry an iPhone or other cell phone when you have no other pockets, and also maybe you want to listen to a little music while you putter around the house, or maybe you can have the strap very short around your neck, and you can have the phone on speaker and do other things with your hands while you talk. The strap is adjustable, it can be long at hanging at your hip, or short and close to your head or handheld. There was a special request for this type of thing from my mom, and then my aunt Missy saw the purse in January and said she really thought Grandma would love one too. So, I’ve made this one as a birthday gift for her. Happy Birthday, Grandma!