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Waffle Potholders

Made as a Xmas gift, recently given.

20180116-Crochet Waffles

New Men’s Hat


I wanted to make a new hat for Mike and based this one on a hat I made for myself last year, but it’s a little different.

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d6 Dice Bag

20171231-Crochet d6 dice bag

I bought a pattern set online for shapes that also happen to be dice shapes, which I thought looked like lots of fun. Then as I was making the first one I started to wonder if I was making a novelty item or a functional one. Functional is better for sure, and I had the idea to keep it hollow, leave a flap un-sewn and add buttons, and voilĂ  – a dice bag!

d12 Dice Bag

20171221-d12 Dice Bag

On this one I left 3 sides open so there’s enough room to reach in. This required 3 buttons. The test is to put dice inside, button up, turn upside-down and shake. If no dice fall out, you win!

I Made this d12 Dice Bag for my nephew who plays D&D and also crochets. More winning!

d4 Dice Bag

20171221-d4 Dice Bag

Not the greatest photo I could have taken of this 3D object. It’s gone to a new home now, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that this is a d4 shape.