Welcome! This is my crochet site. It's mostly for my own reference, but if others find it interesting and useful that's good too. ~Snow



Baby Hard Hat

I designed this to give to a co-worker with a new baby. I’m pretty proud of how it turned out.

Skully Fall Hat

This started from a pattern* for a hat with thinner yarn and more rows. Here I used regular black and white yarn.

* Skulls Slouchy Hat

Headphones Wire Cover

Mike has some earbuds that tangle too easily and I had the idea to cover them to make better. Just sc all the way up in crochet cotton, using a 5 steel hook.

Pink & Brown Cowl for Janet

A few months ago Janet gave me a gift of a few hanks of hand-spun yarn made by her. It’s all lovely yarn, and I decided to thank her by making this cowl. The design for the cowl is entirely my creation, based on simple mobius scarves I designed a few years ago, and incorporating a new stitch pattern from the book: 220 More Crochet Stitches: Volume 7 (The Harmony Guides).

Burgundy Cowl

This is a companion piece for the Light Weight Summer Sweater I finished last Spring, from Book: Tricotage de Lin. I used the stitches from that pattern to create this tube shaped cowl. It’s a loose stitch which makes the finished piece flow nicely. All layered together around my neck it’s quite warm. Wearing it as a hood makes it thinner protection against the cold, so I consider this for Spring or Summer use, or layered under a hooded wool coat maybe.