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Eight Star Hand Warmers

Recently finished hand & wrist warmers. Tapestry crochet in black and burgundy.

20160110 - Hand & Wrist Warmers 1 20160110 - Hand & Wrist Warmers 2

Starting with a pattern from the book pictured below — see pages 21 for photos — see patterns on pages 22 & 23 — I mostly used the pattern on page 22. There are two sets of zigzags in mine, instead of one, and then I added vertical bars added from the pattern on page 23. Read More »

Arm Warmers

20161215-Crochet Sleeves

I got the base pattern for these from a Japanese Crochet Book*, but then the yarn I wanted to use was larger than the pattern called for, so it’s less repetitions around.

Notes on changes: Read More »

Gloves for Mom

Original Pattern found here on Knit Picks

Yarn: Shine Sport (from Knit Picks), 60% Pima Cotton/40% Modal (very silky soft)
color: “Serenade” (plum)
Hook = F

My mom requested these special for her birthday. So, I got the pattern, I took measurements of her hands, worked out my own stitch gauge. Also at her request I left out rows 5-8 which added a large diamonds section, and at least an additional 2 inches of length up the arm. Neither of us thought that was needed.

She seems happy with the result. Success!

Purple Gloves

These were a special request. This gal has a hard time finding gloves that will fit her long thin hands. She is also allergic to any kind of animal fiber, so no wool or alpaca could be used here.

Here’s the yarn I used: Knit Picks, Shine Sport (sport weight), Color = serenade (plum), 60% pima cotton/40% modal (tree pulp). Nice and soft. (I think I might make myself a pair in alpaca).

They are light weight and fitted, long enough at the fingers and cuff that they can be folded back if she wants to.

Spring Bracelet No. 3

This one was made as a birthday present for one of my aunt’s. I considered these colors more Summer than Spring. It was a nice change from the pastels.