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Book: Fabulous and Flirty Crochet

Pattern on Page 50

I like this slipper pattern. But as usual I had to make adjustments to be really happy with it. First I made a second sole for each one and used a slip stitch to sew it on to the bottom of the regular slipper. Also, I don’t like the tie strings, I would never use them, so instead I added a couple decreasing rows of single crochets to bring it up closer to the ankle so that it holds on without the tie strings.

I’ve made 5 pairs of these: 1) baby blue with black stripes (first test of pattern, for me, 2) Black with maroon stripes for Mike, 3) Black with gold stripes for Michael, 4) Rosey-pink with white stripes for Mom, and 5) Dusty medium blue with white stripes for Donna. (Pairs 2 & 3 in picture.)

Pattern Add On Rows:

Row 11: sc in the back loop of each st around. At the front point decrease 2 over 3 stitches.
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