Welcome! This is my crochet site. It's mostly for my own reference, but if others find it interesting and useful that's good too. ~Snow



Chocolate Bunny


I found this too amusing to pass up. Pattern from here.

Houndstooth Cover

20150217 - Heating Pad Cover

Heating pad cover much like the red and black one I made for Mike before.

Star Blanket

I mad this for Audrey for Xmas. It’s two full stars with the stripes funning in opposite order, the last row is done as an edge putting the two pieces together. I also added some ties at the end, mid-way along each point and in the center so it wouldn’t be a giant empty pillow.

Bunny Peeps

I started making bunny peeps and couldn’t seem to stop. Mike thinks the world will end in bunnies.

Pattern was found online. I just made them in different colors and sizes.

Hotpad Cover

This is a half done project. Houndstooth pattern in tapestry crochet. The first round is the hardest because there are no increases. It’s a straight envelope. Once you get 2 or 3 rows done it gets easier. Make sure you try a swatch for size against the hotpad you want to cover.

Once you have enough rows to fully cover your hotpad, on the last row create a couple loops 1/3rd the length from either end, and sew a couple buttons on the opposite side.