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Basket Weave Blanket

20171202-Crochet Blanket 1

I made this couch/nap blanket, for my in-laws, for Xmess. They were super excited to receive it and I’ve heard several times since that they love it. My intend with this and ones I make a couple years ago is for it to be much longer than your normal “lap blanket”. You can never stretch out on the couch and have a nap under those because they won’t cover you from feet to chin. This one will.

20171202-Crochet Blanket 2

Yarn: Barcelona (from Michael’s), color: Onyx
Hook: M/9mm

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Blanket, take 2

20160213-BlanketDone1 20160213-BlanketDone3 20160221-BlanketDetail

Ann’s Blanket

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