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Kerchief – Tricotage de Lin

Pattern from a book mostly in Japanese, with splash of French, called: Tricotage de Lin. I worked out the details from the diagrams. All the patterns in the book are using linen yarns. I used a #10 DMC crochet thread, and I think the size came out perfect without any alterations to the pattern.

Spring Green Baby Dress

A baby dress made by my mom, Sue. Special order for a gal in Greece, for her daughter’s baptism.

Gloves for Mom

Original Pattern found here on Knit Picks

Yarn: Shine Sport (from Knit Picks), 60% Pima Cotton/40% Modal (very silky soft)
color: “Serenade” (plum)
Hook = F

My mom requested these special for her birthday. So, I got the pattern, I took measurements of her hands, worked out my own stitch gauge. Also at her request I left out rows 5-8 which added a large diamonds section, and at least an additional 2 inches of length up the arm. Neither of us thought that was needed.

She seems happy with the result. Success!

Soft Cotton Summer Hat

I made this hat for Judy in late summer. Intended to be super soft and not too warm. The only problem was that it was a little big for her. But she was going to make a string to weave thru and tighten it a little, so should be all right.

summer hat summer hat 2

This is a slightly altered version of the “Summer Cloche” pattern in the book “Hip to Crochet“.

Aran-Style Cables – Hat

Book: Crochet Hats!
Page 96 – Aran-Style Cables
This is the first pattern I’ve tried in this book. My assessment is that I don’t like the author’s style of pattern writing. It’s weak, hard to follow and there are mistakes. She doesn’t tell you how many stitches are in a row, so you don’t have a way to double check what you’ve done. She also seperates things into sections and starts with a foundation row, ie a Row 0. I don’t know about you, but I start counting with 1, not 0. And then the next section starts with another Row 1. This makes it harder to count the rows and check where you are. You see, she says “repeats rows 3 and 4 five more times”. These are actually rows 4 and 5. I find it more helpful to have proper reference points and stats that help me double check my work as I go. Helps me to know that I’m following along properly. Luckily, I’m not a beginner at this. Also, I had to completely pull out the “Shaping the Top” section of the hat, and rework it myself so that it looks smooth.
Here are my notes on fixing this pattern so that it’s usable, and the resulting hat is wearable:
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