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Baggy Hat with Tapestried Hearts

A Failed Experiment.

It looks good, it has a total of 5 hearts, run in a vertical line, but it’s way too big. I don’t know anyone with a head this big. So I took a picture and pulled it out. Maybe I’ll try again at some point.

20180123-Crochet hat w/Hearts

Soft Hat Remade

My mom originally made this hat, but it came out way too big, so I pulled most of it out and remade it smaller, so that it would fit Judy, whose head is extra-small. (It’s good to know the head size first sometimes. Oh well.) It’s made of a super soft brushed-cotton thread.

mom's hat 2 mom's hat 1

It consists of a lopsided shell stitch, and it’s made in rows that go back and forth, instead of in a consistent spiral like most are. So it has a nice texture and no right or wrong side.

No Metallic Thread Against Skin

I have this lovely mohair yarn with a metallic thread in it, and I paired it with a chenille yarn and blithely made a simple scarf with it. I have no idea why it didn’t occur to me until I was two-thirds of the way done with it, that metallic thread against the skin would be akin to a torture device, and neither I nor anyone I know would ever wear such a thing for more than 2 minutes, and never again after that. (The scarf got pulled out.)

The Lesson: Never use metallic threaded yarn for anything meant to be worn against the skin.

Dense Ridged Nut Hat

Yarn: Lion Brand: Chunky Wool-Ease (Acrylic 80%, Wool 20% – washable)
Colors: Walnut, Charcoal, and Natural
Hook: I (5.5 mm)

My own design. Which means I tore it out several times before I had the right hook and number of stitches. That’s the way it goes.

I wanted to make a hat that was very dense and warm. I find that most people I know don’t put a hat on unless it’s really cold, and at that point a light weight hat is pointless. Especcially men. This hat is great for the men-folk.

Another thing I tackled here was starting the ridges right up at the top. Last year I did a ridged hat, but the ridges didn’t begin until I was done with the crown. Here I was able to work out the numbers and start the ridges in the second, third and fourth rows. I think it looks great.

Super Chunky Ridged Hats

Yarn: Lion Brand: Thick & Quick Chenille (Dark “Claret” red one is Thick & Quick Wool-Ease)
Hook Size: M/9 mm
Lesson: If you want it to be denser, look at the packaging for the recommended hook size and then take that down 2 sizes. (Recommended hook for this yarn was P.) It still looks great, and it makes for a much warmer hat.

Given as gifts for Xmess (to 5 people. The fifth being another in the purple chenille):