Welcome! This is my crochet site. It's mostly for my own reference, but if others find it interesting and useful that's good too. ~Snow


Arm Warmers

20161215-Crochet Sleeves

I got the base pattern for these from a Japanese Crochet Book*, but then the yarn I wanted to use was larger than the pattern called for, so it’s less repetitions around.

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Ann’s Blanket

20151213 - Ann's Blanket 1 Read More »

Audrey’s Tomte

20151205 - Audrey Tomte

Net Grocery Bag

I made this a few years ago and gave it as a gift on a whim, but hadn’t taken any photos of it. The recipient let me know that she loves it and use it all the time so I asked her for a photo.

20151202 - Grocery Bag

Pink Headband

I made this back in 2013 for Katie and another in turquoise for Audrey. Later I made another one in black for myself.

20151126 - Headband 1 20151126 - Headband 4