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Eight Star Hand Warmers

Recently finished hand & wrist warmers. Tapestry crochet in black and burgundy.

20160110 - Hand & Wrist Warmers 1 20160110 - Hand & Wrist Warmers 2

Starting with a pattern from the book pictured below — see pages 21 for photos — see patterns on pages 22 & 23 — I mostly used the pattern on page 22. There are two sets of zigzags in mine, instead of one, and then I added vertical bars added from the pattern on page 23. Read More »

New Japanese Crochet Books

Over the last few years I’ve acquired a love for Japanese* crochet books. I love the design style, but can’t read any of it. The charts and photos are what make it possible for me to follow the patterns, those are universal. After hours of staring at the charts in the first book I bought I managed to decipher the most import symbols for “rows” and “stitches”. In other words where it says this thing is so many stitches across and so many rows high. I can follow that, which is very helpful.

Anyway, I had some gift money and bought 4 new books with it. I’m very excited! 🙂

* I’ll admit right here, that I think they’re Japanese, but if they were Korean, or Chinese, I really wouldn’t know the difference. I’m an ignorant American in this way.

Burgundy Cowl

This is a companion piece for the Light Weight Summer Sweater I finished last Spring, from Book: Tricotage de Lin. I used the stitches from that pattern to create this tube shaped cowl. It’s a loose stitch which makes the finished piece flow nicely. All layered together around my neck it’s quite warm. Wearing it as a hood makes it thinner protection against the cold, so I consider this for Spring or Summer use, or layered under a hooded wool coat maybe.

Delicate Pot Holders for Tea Time

The pattern for these came from the book: Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts: Lacy Crochet. Page 5: Pot Holders.

More Photos on Flickr

Black Lace Fingerless Gloves

Book: Happy Hooker

I made these for Michael.