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Messy-Bun Hat

I made a new messy-bun hat (#4). My original design, so it got pulled out and restarted several times before I was happy with it.

20180203-Crochet MB hat 1 20180203-Crochet MB hat 3

Yarn: LB Homespun, bulky
Color: “Windsor”, blue – green – purple variegated
Hook: K/6.5 mm

Bottom up – Start with Ridged Brim
ch 5
R1 – 4 sc
R2 thru R46 – repeat R1
* Put 1st & last rows together, sl st along to join in ring. Flip the seam to the inside and ch 1, Orient to start working around edge of Ridged Brim.

R1 – 1 sc in the edge of each brim row (46 sc)
R2 – dcc around (46 sts)
R3 – (Triangles, aka “A-st”) – ch 5, then dc2tog while skipping 2 sts between the posts of the st you’re making, [ch 2, A-st] repeat around, on last A-st only sk 1 st in the middle, sl st to 3rd ch of beg loop.
R4 – sc in same ch as connecting loop, [2 sc in ch 2 sp, sc in top of next A-st] repeat around, sc2tog over last 2 sts (45 sts)
R5 – Repeat R3
R6 – Repeat R4
R7 – Repeat R3 except on the A-sts: [sk 2, sk 3] around (13 A-sts)
R8 – Repeat R4
R9 – sk 3 on all A-sts
R10 – sc2tog around (15 sts), but it’s complicated, work it like this: (post 1) top of A, & (post 2) in ch 2 sp, then (post 1) same ch 2 sp, & (post 2) top of next A, then sc in next ch 2 sp] repeat around. (15 sts)

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