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Net Shopping Bags

Black & red, net shopping bag

A few years ago I made one of these on a whim and gave it as a gift. Sadly I hadn’t taken any photos or properly written down the pattern. The recipient sent me photos of the original Net Grocery Bag and I was able to recreate it. I made two more and gave them to her this year.

Blue & white, net shopping bag

These compress nicely so you can stuff one in your purse or backpack or whatever, and it expands to hold a lot of groceries. It’s sturdy and I designed the handle to be big enough to get up on my shoulder when it’s full. If you need that to be bigger, increase the handle loop (R21) as much as needed.

Original Pattern Deciphered:
Yarn: kitchen cotton
Hook: H/5mm

Start/R1: Magic Ring, ch 1, sc in ring, [ch 9, sc in ring] 20xs, ch 9, sl st in first sc (21 total loops)
R2: sl st in 1st 4 ch of next loop, ch 1, sc in same loop, [ch 9, sc in next loop] around, ch 9, sl st in first sc of round
R3-16: repeat R2
R17: sl st in 1st 2 ch, 5 sc in loop, [5 sc in next loop] around, sl st in 1st sc to join (105 sc)
R18-20: sc around (105)
R21 (Handle): [sc] 20xs, ch 32, sk 25, [sc] 27xs, ch 32, sk 25, [sc] 8xs, sl st to join
R22: sc in ea st and ch around (119)
R23-24: switch to stripe color yarn, sc around
R25-26: switch back to main body color, sc around

R1: Start by only working 10 loops in the magic ring (10 loops)
R2: Work 2 loops in each loop of R1 (20 loops)
R3-19: 20 loops
Work top edge and handle the same way


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