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Eight Star Hand Warmers

Recently finished hand & wrist warmers. Tapestry crochet in black and burgundy.

20160110 - Hand & Wrist Warmers 1 20160110 - Hand & Wrist Warmers 2

Starting with a pattern from the book pictured below — see pages 21 for photos — see patterns on pages 22 & 23 — I mostly used the pattern on page 22. There are two sets of zigzags in mine, instead of one, and then I added vertical bars added from the pattern on page 23.

Hook: E/3.5 mm — If I did this again I’d use F/3.75 mm to get it a little larger. These just barely fit my tiny hands. If you make these or something like it be sure you get the sizing/gauge tested and right before you get in too far or you’ll have to pull it out and start again. The place to really test at is the widest part of the hand.

Yarn: Knit Picks, Comfy Fingering yarn, Black and Hollyberry (burgundy)

Tapestry crochet: In case you haven’t tried it before, be careful you don’t over tighten the thread you carry along, especially when it’s a long jump before you need it again. It doesn’t stretch like normal. Which can be a good thing for mittens if you can get it right.

20160110 - Applemints Book HLWs

(I couldn’t find anywhere to link to where you can buy it. I got it at the bookstore, Kinokuniya, inside the Seattle Uwajimaya store.)

20160110 - Hand & Wrist Warmers 3

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