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Yellow Ponytail Hat

This is my second ponytail/messy-bun hat. I’ve never had any interest in pom-poms on top of hats, but I like the gathered top on this, and it’s easy for a ponytail, or can be worn loose over the hair for a a kerchief effect.

20170107 - Ponytail Hat 2A 20170107 - Ponytail Hat 2C

Pattern Info:

Yarn: Brava Sport, 1 strand pale yellow and 1 strand canary yellow
Hook: I/5.5 mm

Ridged Band:
7 blsc/row
~60 rows/~19″
sl st first and last rows together to form ring

Body of Hat:
Round 1: Turn, 1 sc in the end of each row
R2: [dc, ch 1] around
R3: [ch 1, dc] around
R4: [dc, ch 1] around
R5: [ch 1, dc] around
R6: [dc, ch 1] around
R7: [ch 1, dc] around
R8: [dc, ch 1] around
R9: [ch 1, dc] around
R10: [dc, ch 1] around
R11: [ch 1, dc] around
R12: [dc, ch 1] around
R13: [ch 1, dc] around
R14: [dc, ch 1] around
R15: sc [picot, 2 sc] around

Use a ribbon, or chain 80 with the same yarn as hat. Weave into row 11.

20170107 - Ponytail Hat 2B

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