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Arm Warmers

20161215-Crochet Sleeves

I got the base pattern for these from a Japanese Crochet Book*, but then the yarn I wanted to use was larger than the pattern called for, so it’s less repetitions around.

Notes on changes:
Chain 36 to begin,
3 shells in the rows that have them,
repeat the pattern for 41 rows,
end with shell row,
Each sleeve was one full skein of the yarn.

Yarn: Inca Alpaca (Classic Elite) – 100% Alpaca – Approx.
50 grams & 100 meters per skein
Color: Navy #1159 Lot #4512
Hook: G/6/4.25 mm

Made: March 2014
Gifted: Xmas 2016 to Sofia

* More on the book: Heart Warming Life Series, Marche Special – Photo on page 34, and pattern on page 69

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